Specialized Home Services: Mold & Moisture

Mold & Moisture

Mold is not only unsightly, it can cause structural damage, allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Clark’s is certified and insured as a mold remediation company and all our work meets EPA and OSHA guidelines.  

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Protect your home & your health

Mold spores play a significant role in nature by breaking down dead organic matter, like the fallen tree in the woods. However, these same spores, left unchecked in your home environment, can lead to significant damage and/or health concerns.

Optimum conditions for mold growth:

  • Humidity levels above 60%
  • Dampness for more than 72 hours from
    water intrusion
  • Food source (wood, drywall, carpeting, etc.)
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Can mold cause
health problems?

Yes, but not all people react the same when they come in contact with mold. However, mold has the potential to cause health problems, especially in people with immune deficiencies, or those with respiratory conditions. Also at risk are infants, children and the elderly.

Potential mold health issues:

  • Respiratory/sinus issues
  • Fatigue
  • Skin rash
  • Headaches
  • Itching or irritation of the nose, eyes and throat
large image tile of mold spores growing in petri dish

What is the difference between mold and fungi?

Fungus is a microscopic substance that exists in the air around us all the time. It is neither plant nor animal, nor a type of bacteria---it's a separate type of living organism that occupies its own kingdom of classification.

Mold is one type of fungus.  There are hundreds of thousands of species of fungus.  The only way you can be 100% sure a certain fungus is indeed "Mold" is by having it tested to confirm that it is a mold.

How moisture levels affect growth:

  • Surface fungi can grow on the wood of the floor system in a crawlspace if the wood moisture content is 20% or greater.
  • Wood destroying fungi will occur if the moisture content is 28% or greater.
  • If the moisture levels are below 20% but surface fungal growth is present, it is considered "Inactive".
  • If the moisture levels are below 28% but wood destroying fungi are present, it is considered "Inactive".
large image tile of mold spores growing in petri dish
large image tile of mold spores growing in petri dish

Control Mold Growth

While it is impossible to completely eliminate all mold in the home, mold growth can be controlled by:

  • Maintaining a relative humidity between 30%-50%
  • Change HVAC filters regularly
  • Maintain the HVAC system and drain pan
  • Dry all water intrusions within 48 hours
  • Stop all sources of moisture/water intrusions

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Crawlspace Systems

Pests can carry and transfer numerous disease
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