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The vampires of the insect world

Here’s an amazing statistic: mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths each year than any other animal. That's because they can pass along a host of diseases from malaria to dengue fever that claim millions of lives.

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The problem with mosquitoes

If that’s not enough reason to hate mosquitoes, their bites are. While not particularly painful when it happens, a mosquito bite creates a small, red bump that produces mild to severe itching. Some people become less sensitive to mosquito saliva through repeated exposure, and others develop allergic reactions that cause blistering, inflammation and asthma-like reactions.


Inspection and Identification

If you’ve lived in South Carolina more than a few minutes, you know what mosquitoes look like. But for the record: they have one pair of scaled wings with a pair of halters (modified wings for balance), slender bodies and long legs. Although they look fragile, they are extremely resilient and prey on a variety of animals.


There are 3,000 species of mosquitoes worldwide and 150 in the United States. A common variety is the northern house mosquito, which is brown with white markings on its legs and proboscis. The Anopheles quadrimaculatus, the one responsible for spreading malaria in this country,  is brown and has three long projections on its head.


Mosquitoes typically feed within 100 feet of where they breed, but they can fly as far as 1½ miles for a meal. They prefer to lay their eggs in shallow, stagnant water such as ponds, marshes and swamps, but they thrive in ditches, bird baths, wading pools, low-lying sprinkler heads, gutters, old tires and other very unnatural environs.    

Clark's Solution

A Clark’s technician will inspect the exterior of your home to spot mosquito breeding grounds and recommend steps to control the problem. Clark's monthly service during peak mosquito season will put a stop to your pesky problem. 

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