Pest Control: The Problem

Can I make your house my home?

Your home has just what pests want: food, moisture and shelter. As an added bonus, it protects them from natural predators like lizards and birds. Once they discover you, they and all their buddies can invade full force – spreading germs, aggravating allergies, eating clothing and paper and thanking you with bites and stings. 

The Problem main photo of house

The door was open,
thought I'd come on in.

Insects can enter your home or business through cracks as small as 1/64 of an inch. A hole the size of a pencil looks like double doors to a mouse.   

I promise I'll treat
your home with respect.

It’s amazing how much havoc a tiny pest can create. Wood damage, droppings, maddening webs, holes in fur and wool clothing, contaminated food....the list goes on. 

Your Health image of woman with tissue

Your Health

As if being annoying weren’t enough, pests can bring disease-causing germs into your home. Are you safe? 

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Best of 2012 Readers' Choice Award


Clark's Termite & Pest Control was voted Best Pest Control Company in South Carolina for 2012. The Readers' Choice Best Of 2012 is a sampling based on the responses of the readers of The State. The results of their voting appear in a special section.


From The State Media Company I would like to say Thank You to our readers in South Carolina. Thank you to the many readers who took the time to vote for their favorite businesses. Thank you to the many online users who went online to vote. Thank you to the businesses that anxiously wait for this publication every year. Thank you to the person who voted for "Turkey and Ham on rye with mustard and pickles" for the Best Deli. You all make The Reader's Choice a success year after year.


Ashleigh Anderson McAlister
The State Media Company

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Our 50th Anniversary!


Clark's Termite & Pest Control is proud to announce our 50th Anniversary! For the past 50 years Clark's Termite & Pest Control has answered our customer’s call to exterminate termites and other annoying pests. Termites are unwelcome little insects and live to inflict damage. We’re zealous when it comes to eliminating termites and other pests.


In 1963 Clark's Termite & Pest Control opened our doors. We wholeheartedly thank you for letting us take care of your termite and pests problems. We’re happy to be your faithful solution and will continue to provide superb customer service.